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Hidden Venice Walking Tour

Hidden Venice Walking Tour

A rich and stimulating itinerary - Venice at its best! One of the best walks you'll ever take, this is a walk of wonder and discovery of the real Venice, through its past and also its present.

On our Hidden Venice Walking tours discover another Venice. Explore the most romantic & enchanting parts of the city on this sightseeing tour of Venice off-the-beaten-track, while learning about the fascinating period of history when Venice was one of the most rich and flourishing markets of the western world.

Relive those incredible times, the XIV and XV century, in the company of one of expert Venice tour guides as you walk through a labyrinth of back alleys to visit the old mercantile and financial district of Venice, the Rialto.

Visit the Rialto Market, where east and west met and where spices, precious fabrics, silk and many other goods were traded by merchants from around the globe. The Merchants of Venice needed places where to sleep and where to eat and drink, along with places where to store their goods and for the most important countries trading in Venice, the Venetian government gave them entire palaces to be dedicated to such a use.The Merchants also needed to relax from their hectic life and during this walking tour of the Hidden Venice, we'll visit the medieval red light district of Casteletto.

As we venture further into the Hidden Venice where picture postcard views seem to appear around every corner and where you can also appreciate the true charm of this silent city, far from the hordes of tourists - where it feels as if time has stopped at the XV century.And after walking through the Hidden Venice, you'll visit one of the most beautiful Campi (squares) of Venice - San Polo. Like a grand arena (here there used to be bull fights!), with its elegant palaces,a complete contrast to the narrow streets, dark passage - ways, delicate bridges and tiny courtyards of the Hidden Venice.

And finally, a short walk brings us to the majestic Frari Church, hidden away in the San Polo district of the city, home to masterpieces of Titian & Bellini as well as an imposing funeral monument by Canova. The most important church in Venice after the Basilica of San Marco.

Our Hidden Venice Walking tours conclude with a discussion of these celebrated works by your expert Venice tour guide.


Important Information

Departure Time: 11.30am

Duration: 2 hours approx.

Tour availability: From 1st April to 30th April and from 18th July to 4th Sept – Only Sundays departure at 11.30am. From 1st May 17th July and 5th Sept to 16 Oct – Departures available Tuesday, Thursday and Sundays at 11.30am.

Departure Location: At top of the Rialto Bridge where you will find someone holding a sign with the name of the Original Hidden Tour written on it.

Entrance fees NOT included.

Please Note: This tour requires a minimum of 4 passengers. This does not mean YOU have to book 4 passengers, but if there are not 4 passengers booked that day in total, the tour will be cancelled and you will either receive a refund or an amended date.

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